You can get help around the clock at Krisendienst Oberfranken (0800 655 3000) or at Telefonseelsorge (0800 111 0 111). You can find further help by clicking on the download button under “Tips and information for the Corona phase”.


Students at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences receive support from the psychological counseling center in overcoming study-related and personal difficulties.

Possible topics could be:

  • Fears (exam anxiety, panic, social anxiety, compulsions, etc.)
  • depressive moods
  • Stress management problems
  • eating disorder
  • Addiction (substance or behavior)
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Difficulties in the social environment (family, partnership, circle of friends)
  • Dealing with illnesses
  • ultimately everything that bothers you

The psychological counseling is free of charge, unbureaucratic and subject to confidentiality.

Your contact in Coburg is Lisa-Marie Föhrkolb.

Using the consultation calendar

In the calendar below you can see all free consultation appointments. Find an appointment that suits you and let Ms. Föhrkolb know what you would like. Please indicate whether you would like an online or face-to-face appointment.

You will then receive an appointment confirmation with all further information about the interview.

Unfortunately, the data security of e-mails is not high. Therefore, please do not describe the symptoms or the topic to be discussed in your e-mail requesting an appointment.




  • Florian Hammon
  • Lisa-Marie Föhrkolb