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Possibility of psychological and social counselling in WS 19/20

Studying is a privilege, but also a very demanding task. Difficulties in studying, as well as personal, health or social problems can affect the progress and success of a course of study . Exam anxiety, learning problems, social anxiety, depression, illness, money problems, problems in the social environment such as family or friends, etc. sometimes seem unsolvable and no longer manageable. A professional consultation can help to turn problems back into goals and find the right paths. The Studentenwerk Oberfranken therefore offers all students in WS 19/20 the opportunity to receive psychological and/or social counselling. Dipl. Psych. Barbara Grüninger-Frost will be on site 2 days a month for personal consultations (by appointment). The counselling sessions take place in the rooms of the "Am Eichelberg" student hostel (ground floor) in Hof.

Appointments can be requested and confirmed at the psychological counselling centre of the Studentenwerk Oberfranken by calling 0921/555952 or via email . Please contact us by email or phone, even if you need us at short notice. The consultation is free of charge and strictly confidential. The social counselling is offered by Mr Heiko Rausch; for an appointment or to clarify questions by phone or in writing, please send an email to sozialberatungNO SPAM SPAN! or call: 0921 – 555907.