Bayreuth Protestant Student Community (ESG)

The Bayreuth Protestant Student Community is aimed at students and members of the University and the Hochschule für Evangelische Kirchenmusik (College of Protestant Church Music) in Bayreuth. With a wide range of services that students can use during their studies, it wants to help them to cope well with their studies and this phase of life. Religious services and other occasions offer space to live your own faith. Social discussions have their place as well as cultural events, celebrations and meetings. It is open to all interested parties. The student pastor is available to foreign and German students for consultations, advice and guidance. You can find the current semester programme in the here.

Catholic University Community, Bayreuth (KHG)

Located in the immediate vicinity of the campus, students have the opportunity to experience and shape community life through the Catholic University Community (KHG) Bayreuth. Irrespective of denomination, culture or nationality, students are welcome to participate in events and also to take advantage of individual counselling opportunities. The staff* take time for all students (especially international students) in every situation in life, offer to talk, listen and try to help in difficult situations. You can find the current calendar of events of the KHG here .