One of the most important tasks of the Studentenwerk is providing catering to students and staff of the University of Bayreuth as well as the colleges in Coburg, Hof and Amberg-Weiden. To this end, the Studentenwerk runs 8 canteens and 12 cafeterias at the individual locations.

When preparing the dishes, the Studentenwerk Oberfranken emphasises healthy and high-quality ingredients, a large part of which come from the surrounding region. Great importance is also attached to in-house production of the dishes, so that convenience products are used only to a very limited extent. We would be pleased to welcome you as a guest in one of our canteens or cafeterias.

In German, English and Chinese, the Illustrated Canteen Dictionary with pictures and words accompanies three students on their visit to the canteen. Among other things, they encounter the great variety of food, the cashless payment system, regional differences in the dishes and the canteens product range. Direct to download