Moving in

Tip: If you don't necessarily move in on the first of the month, but a few days later, you can save yourself a lot of stress.

  • The Studentenwerk has to let the rooms seamlessly, as they are publicly subsidised housing. In addition, the previous tenant has paid the rent for the hostel room until the end of the contract and can therefore use it until the last working day before the contract expires.
  • Therefore, it is not possible for you to receive the key to your hostel room before the first working day of your contract start date. The keys cannot usually be issued at weekends or on public holidays [see key handover]. We ask for your understanding.
  • Because of this seamless transition, there is a possibility that there may be damage in your room or repairs/renovation, such as painting work, still to be carried out after you move in.
  • When you move in/are issued with your keys, you will receive an inventory list from us, on which you must enter any damage or similar that is present when you move in .
  • Please note that existing damage that is not notified within two days after you have moved in will be deducted from your deposit after moving out.

If you move to the university location, the new place of residence (even if it is only the secondary residence) must be registered at one of the Bürgerbüros (citizens' offices) within 14 days of moving in. Information on the websites of the cities. Bayreuth, Coburg and Hof: These cities automatically receive the certificate of accommodation from the Studentenwerk. Amberg and Weiden: Landlord's certificates are sent with the tenancy agreement.

For organisational reasons it is not possible to view the apartments/rooms in advance. At best, you have the opportunity to speak to current tenants directly and ask them if they would allow you to take a look inside the apartment.