Housing for help – housing partnerships in Bayreuth

1 square metre of living space = 1 hour of work per month

The project (“Housing for help”) ("Wohnen für Hilfe”) is supported by the city of Bayreuth. It is an innovative approach to mobilising additional housing and creating housing partnerships between different generations and cultures. In doing so, it refers not only to material needs, but also to social needs, thus creating more human togetherness. Numerous older people in Bayreuth live alone in spacious apartments or houses. Everyday tasks are becoming increasingly difficult and there is a desire for company and conversation. Nevertheless, they do not want to give up their familiar surroundings and above all their independence. By providing living space, they can get a little help in their everyday lives with a housing partnership.

Stay in your home – offer a home

Not only older people but also families can benefit from residential partnerships. In addition to help in the household, which relieves the family, the children can be looked after or homework can be supervised.

Save rent – gain experience

At the same time, there are students who have a social interest in a housing partnership and who are dependent on inexpensive housing due to their economic situation and the housing situation in Bayreuth.

The special feature

No or only a small rent is paid. Instead, support services are provided. Here the rule of thumb applies: 1 m2 of living space = 1 h of work/month, plus the proportional utility costs.

What does the "Housing for Help" project offer?

We offer intensive advice and support. The project "Housing for Help” (“Wohnen für Hilfe”) includes not only a detailed initial interview, but also support for the first time you meet and assistance in concluding a contract between the partners; it also helps to avoid later misunderstandings or disappointments if the desired services are specified in the contract as precisely as possible in terms of type and scope, but also the sharing of other areas in the apartment/house and/or in a mutual agreement. Further information at a click! If you are interested in a housing partnership and would like to receive further information, please contact us: Project "Housing for Help"
City of Bayreuth Ines Neuner
City hall II, 2nd floor, room 207
Dr.-Franz-Str. 6
95445 Bayreuth
Phone 0921 251496
Email or Florian Sammet
Project: Full-time integration guide, focus: Housing
Email This project is funded by the Bayerisches Sozialministerium (Bavarian Ministry of Social Affairs).