The tutors' task is to promote the community of the residents in the student residences and to be available as contact persons for information, help and orientation.

They can advise students on general study questions and personal matters, provided that they are called upon to do so in individual cases. They are usually appointed by the management of the Studentenwerk for a period of two semesters. The work of the tutors is intended to stimulate and encourage the students in the student residences to act on their own initiative and encourage participation in activities.

Bayreuth - Am Kreuzstein student residence

Gabriela Vielma Reyes


Roberto Kraus Caballero


Bayreuth - Am Tappert student residence

Claas Steentoft


Bayreuth - Studentendorf Birken student village

Coburg - Haus Coburg

Büro Coburg

Sprechzeit: Montag bis Freitag von 8:30 bis 13:00 Uhr

Wohnheimverwaltung Coburg

09561 238375-11

Hof - Wohnanlage Am Saalepark

Vishwesh Chougule